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"Utalii is looking for enthusiastic guides like you!"

As an Utalii Guide, you set your own hours, create your own packages & determine your own rates. The only qualifier is you must be knowledgeable about your local area. To get started download our app & sign up as a guide today.

Health, Safety & Security

Utalii  closely observes and follows the stipulated local and global health, safety, and security guidelines to address and safeguard community interests of its local tour guides and tourists globally. 

Utalii uses enhanced security features such as a live tracking or status check to locate, and track in real time its tour sessions. Covid -19 protocols are observed according to destination's  healthcare guidelines. 


   As a Tourist, you can instantly explore and book tours from a pool of Utalii Guides at your destination who opt-in- offering on-demand tours. Insta-Tours are booked at premium rates than the  advance bookings and may not be available to all destinations.

As an Utalii Guide, you can go online & instantly receive premium booking rates based  on your location, language, or interest preferred by Tourists. 

Streamlined Bookings & Communications

Experience a seamless tour booking services right at your fingertips with immediate access to communication with your Utalii Guide at your preferred destination globally. Communication between a Tourist and an Utalii Guide is essential and is highly recommended to address most  anticipated issues, getting help with pre-arrival guidance, clarifications on issues that might impact your tour  experience at a destination such as accommodation or transportation  arrangements.


As a Tourist, you can use Utalii TV feature to virtually explore curated short videos  of various destinations around the world in advance so as to get a virtual clue of tour sessions  & destination's insights.

Paid live streaming tour sessions and experiences coming soon.

As an Utalii Guide, this feature enables you to showcase your guiding expertise and linguistic skills. You  can also create curated short videos that promotes  your unique tour sessions  or packages worldwide. 


Peer To Peer Tourism

This app presents you with a simple but savvy way to connect you with a local insider so that you can explore your destination in the most personalized & authentic way possible.

Android & iOS App Downloads

Android Users can get this app from Google Play Store while iOS Users can get it from  Apple App Store .

Utalii Guides can take advantage of this app by sharing their local knowledge ranging from the best dining junction to a cozy space in the heart of the city.

Utalii Guides can create or update their tour packages and  communicate directly  with their booked tourists worldwide.

 Tourists can use this app to pre- plan for their upcoming  local  or international trips, vacations, or getaways . They can also explore their preferred destinations virtually via Utalii TV feature embedded within the app before booking any tour or experience globally. Tourists  can book their preferred tours or an experiences  in advance or instantly  worldwide.

Tourists once booked, have an option of communicating directly with their  Utalii Guides at their preferred destinations for pre-arrival guidance, recommendation, or insights prior to their trips. 

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